Insemination (IUI)

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Insemination (IUI)
Artificial Insemination involves the injection of sperm directly into the female's uterus, which improves pregnancy rates vs. intercourse alone. Our physicians may recommend IUI if you:

  • Are a single woman who is using donor sperm
  • Problems with ovulation
  • Had no success after using clomiphene alone
  • Have difficulty having normal intercourse with ejaculation into the vagina

Donor Insemination
Donor insemination is the process of inseminating a woman with sperm obtained from a sperm donor. The sperm is usually obtained as a frozen specimen from a sperm bank or may come from a known sperm donor. Most women seeking donor insemination are doing so because their husband has no sperm at all, they are single, or are lesbian.

When using a known donor, we are required by the FDA to perform testing on the donor as well as freeze the sperm for six months prior to the insemination.

Once a woman has decided that she would like to undergo donor insemination she must select from one of the several sperm banks. While there are many sperm banks in the United States, Mid-Iowa Fertility most commonly refers patients to one of the following banks:

You will need to contact our office when you are ready to place your order so that we may contact the bank and have the sperm shipped to us.

The Process of Insemination
A sperm sample can be collected at home using one of our collection kits and brought to our office within 45 minutes of collection.  All specimens must be delivered by the male partner.  Specimens will be discarded if delivered by someone other than the name on the label. Our office has a collection room for those patients who live over one hour away. Once a sperm count and motility evaluation has been completed the sperm is placed in a small catheter, which will be placed directly into the uterus via the cervix. The procedure is done just like having a Pap smear. Few patients complain of mild cramping that will quickly subside. You will rest in our office for 15 minutes. You will have no restrictions on the rest of your day.

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Patients that have IUIs on the weekend will be asked to pay for their services on Friday. Patients with outstanding balances will need to bring their account current before having weekend appointments.



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