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Patient Financing Options

University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) offers fixed rate financing!  6 and 12 months are available at 0% (no interest).  36 to 72 months terms are also available with interest.  Financing is available for all treatment options, including: in vitro fertilization, egg freezing, medications, genetic testing and tubal reversal. 


To apply, click the UICCU Link below and the application for financing will appear.  Here you will enter the amount you wish to finance and other application details. If you need assistance in completing the application, Monica will be happy to help.  After the application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.  The application decision is provided to Monica, please contact her at monica@midiowafertility.com or 515-348-6593.  All questions should be directed to Monica.

Click the link below  to submit an application:

University of Iowa Community Credit Union

Lending Club Patient Solutions offers fixed payment plans. Financing is available for IVF treatment, related medications, genetic testing and egg freezing with no upfront cost.

Click the link below to submit an application:

Lending Club Patient Solutions