Patient Financing Options

GreenState Credit Union offers fixed rate financing!  6 and 12 months are available at 0% (no interest).  36 to 72 months terms are also available with interest.  Financing is available for all treatment options, including: in vitro fertilization, egg freezing, medications, genetic testing and tubal reversal. 

Steps to Application Process

  1. Review a copy of the application before you begin to ensure you have the information ready before you start. Are you applying by yourself, with a spouse, partner or co-signer? If anyone else will be on the application, you will need their information as well.
  2. Determine the dollar amount you plan to request. In addition to Mid-Iowa Fertility’s fee you can also finance the cost of medications, genetic testing and tubal reversal surgery costs all in the same loan. Example:
    • Tubal Reversal: $7,713.00 (this includes the provider fees)
    • IVF without medications: $10,955.00
    • IVF with Genetic Testing without medications: $14,605.00
    • Medications: $4,000.00 to $7,000.00
    • PGT-A Testing: Up to $1,900.00 ( Fees are based on number of embryos tested)
  3. Complete the application: GreenState Credit Union Loan Application
  4. Contact Monica, or 515-348-6593, after 24 hours for GreenState Credit Union’s decision. At this step you will need to confirm with Monica how you want the funds allocated (are the funds to cover medications and genetic testing)
  5. If you decide to accept the loan Monica will email you the appropriate documents to be signed electronically. She will need a copy of your drivers license and any other person who is listed on the loan.
  6. Once the documents have been signed and the driver licenses has been received, the funds will be released to Mid Iowa Fertility within 48 hours. If you have included medications, genetic testing or the full tubal reversal cost in your loan, Monica will send payment to them directly and deduct those fees from your borrowed amount.
  7. Any remaining credit after your treatment has been completed will be refunded back to you.